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Effect of slide masters on PowerPoint file size

When creating PowerPoints, if you have lots of slide masters which contain imagery (photos, geometric patterns etc.), it is worth bearing in mind the effect these potentially have on the file size of your presentations.

For example, you might have lots of different cover pages or divider pages with graphics, which you want to make available to users for selection from slide masters.

All of the images, contained within all of the slide masters will contribute to the file size of the PowerPoint, regardless of whether they are being used by any of the slides within the presentation itself.

So, you might only have 10 slides in your presentation, using just 4 out of 50 slide masters available, yet the memory requirements of all 50 slide masters will impact the size of the PowerPoint file.

It sounds obvious when you say it, but I think it is something that is often overlooked by people, and they can't understand why the file size of their presentation is so large.

If you want to find out roughly how much of your PowerPoint file size is down to the slide masters, create a copy of the file, delete all the slides from the presentation, save it, and then look at the file size in File Explorer.

If you need to make large numbers of standard slides with imagery, available to users for inclusion in their presentations, it may be better to make use of a library mechanism.

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