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CV Fusion - CV Management for bids

Working with CVs in bids and proposals can be a frustrating and repetitive task; they never seem to be in the format or style that you need.

Often, templates and document branding are bid specific, as a result of joint ventures with different partners, or due to documentation requirements specified by the client. This means that incorporating existing CVs or staff bios into a bid, requires them to be re-formatted into the specific styling for that bid.

CV Fusion uses a generic, styling neutral CV detail capture form in Word. The tables within this generic, form style document, contain all the details of each individual, required to generate their CV or staff profile.

CVs can then be automatically generated for each individual, using the formatting and layout required for specific bids.


As the generic CV capture form can be set up to be a superset of all the information required, for multiple purposes, the CV Fusion mechanism can be used to generate many different formats, from detailed multi-page CVs, to short bios for inclusion within a bid document.

CV Fusion - CV Management and content re-use

Standalone CVs – generate standalone CV documents, single page or multiple pages,  automatically formatted and laid out to required style.

Re-branding – if a re-branding process is undertaken within an organisation, new CVs and bio templates can be created that use the same generic source documents. So, no more need to re-brand everyone's CV manually!

Insert CVs or bios into bid documents create CVs or short bios within bid documents. These could be full page CVs, or simple short bios comprising just a few paragraphs. Same source file - content formatted automatically.

Populating CV source files

For new employees, or team members creating a corporate CV for the first time, they can simply create a new generic CV capture form and fill in the details. However, for many organisations, there may potentially be 100s of existing CVs, within an existing CV structure.

Automatically populating CV source files

CV Fusion can be configured to allow details to be imported into generic CV capture forms, automatically populating the content from existing CVs.

CV Fusion is a tailored solution

CV Fusion is a bespoke product, tailored to the requirements of individual clients. As such, the cost of implementation will vary from one client to another.

Once implemented, CV Fusion functionality is available to all users of the templates, indefinitely. There is no ongoing licensing cost.

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