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Proposal Builder - Content reuse mechanism

Make use of pre-defined, reusable content within your proposal documents, improving the efficiency of document production and ensuring accurate, up to date content.

Find content easily, direct from the Word ribbon
Inserted content from managed library always up to date
Bespoke tool tailored to individual requirements
  • One off cost
  • No ongoing licensing
  • No user restrictions

Much of the content of a proposal document will be specifically written for that bid. However, there is also likely to be both generic content that is applicable to any bid, and content that can be tailored from a common starting point and adapted as required.

Having a controlled content reuse process available to bid writers, that is easy to access and use, will make team members less likely to resort to uncontrolled copy and pasting, from random bid documents created previously.


Base documents – create multiple document starting points for different proposal types or industry sectors. This gives users a choice of initial document structures and content, for different circumstances. Additional base documents can be added as required.

Optional content - choose whether to have a cover letter, a table of contents, which cover graphic to use, insert divider pages or appendices. Functionality allows users to insert or remove optional content, as required to suit their needs.

Library structure - create categories to subdivide and organise reusable content, making it easy for users to find what they need. These top level categories might include:

  • Corporate (history, financials, global / domestic presence, org charts, key capabilities)

  • Products or Services (overviews, details, benefits, sector specific content) 

  • Commercial (terms, pricing tables)

  • Certification / Policies

  • Case Studies 

Keywords / Subcategories - can be used to filter results when searching for library content to insert, ensuring users can find what they are looking for quickly.

Auto-population - when creating reusable content, placeholders (Content Controls) can be inserted into the content for fields like client name or project. Then, when that content is brought into the proposal document, these placeholders are automatically populated with the appropriate details.

Content Reuse.png

Proposal Builder is a tailored solution

Proposal Builder is a bespoke product, tailored to the requirements of individual clients. As such, the cost of implementation will vary from one client to another.

Once implemented, Proposal Builder functionality is available to all users of the template, indefinitely. There is no ongoing licensing cost.

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