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SuperPaste - copy and paste as it should be

Bringing existing content into a new Word document is notoriously problematic.

It often results in styles being brought across from the source document, styles and numbering configurations being corrupted and unwanted metadata and settings being introduced.

Until now, the only safe way to bring existing content into a new document was to paste content as unformatted text. This has it’s own issues, as it removes the content structure and all direct formatting will be lost. So, whilst it is safe and will not corrupt the target document, it will take the user a significant amount of time to apply all the new styles and recreate all the direct formatting, such as bold, italics, underline, etc.

SuperPaste - copy and paste with automatic reformatting

SuperPaste functionality can be integrated into our enhanced Word templates, allowing users to bring existing content into a new document, in a safe and efficient way, automatically reformatting the content on-the-fly, using only the styles of the target document template.

Automatically reformatting content as it's pasted

Using SuperPaste to bring content into a document means:

  • Content structure is maintained; headings, bullets and numbered lists are all reformatted using the styles of the target template

  • Tables are all recreated using the default table style of the new template

  • Direct formatting such as the use of bold, italics and highlighting are replicated in the target document

  • Comments from the source document are also mirrored in the target document

Not only will SuperPaste protect the integrity of documents when copying and pasting content, it will also save users significant amounts of time by reformatting the content for them.

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